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a fan community for the female characters of Person of Interest
This is a fan community for the female characters of Person of Interest. What's welcome here?

1. Civil discussion of anything related to Person of Interest's awesome female characters. And for the purposes of this community, they're all awesome. It's okay to not like one or two of them, but please be respectful of fellow community members who DO.
2. Fanfic: gen, het, femslash, even Finch/Reese as long as at least one female character is a) in the story and b) there is no character bashing (of her OR anyone else). Not sure what constitutes bashing? ASK before you post.
3. Other fanworks of any kind: icons, graphics, videos, etc. featuring our aforementioned awesome ladies.

What's not:

1. Character bashing. Of any character, but especially the ladies.
2. Rudeness of any sort to your fellow fans.

Think you can handle that? Go ahead and join! :-)

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